WG 2

CEN/TC 251 Working Group 2

Technology and applications


WG 2 is concerned with standards and specifications in the field of Health Information and Communications Technology (Health ICT), including safety and security aspects, to achieve compatibility and interoperability between independent systems.

The scope includes, but is not limited to, standardization of:

Relationship with WG 1

WG II will actively work with others to facilitate its work programme, whenever possible.  CEN/TC 251/WG II complements WG I and has a number of common concerns, as well as a set of defined interfaces designed to enable the two groups to work together on given tasks.  For some items, expertise from both groups will be required and used as necessary.

The work of others will be appraised and adapted, as necessary, to provide Europe and its member states with the most suitable, interoperability specifications.  To facilitate sharing, liaisons and reciprocal exchange of both information and expertise for particular work items will be encouraged.

Contact Points:

The following existing groups are expected to be relevant to the CEN/TC 251/WG 2 work and vice versa:

Relevance to European initiatives