Liaisons and working relations


CEN/TC 251 is actively engaged with many other standards development organisations. Formally as part of the Joint Initiative Council (JIC) in which the main global Health Informatics SDO’s participate, e.g. ISO/TC 215, HL7, IHE, SNOMED, DICOM and GS1 to name but a few. CEN/TC 251 has been one of the original founding parties. Within Europe, close collaboration has been established with HL7’s European Office and IHE Europe. It also liaises with consortia and fora to coordinate its work with other organisations that have similar goals.

CEN/TC 251 is actively engaged with the cross-SDO collaboration on the International Patient Summary (IPS), fostered by the Joint Initiative Council. The objective of the cross-SDO IPS Collaboration is to continue and ensure the coordination between the standards and specification that together make up the IPS. It aims to enhance the work of all of the standards development organizations and implementation efforts that have made and will continue to make the IPS successful going forward. It also maintains the central IPS website as the global resource for IPS collaboration, adoption, implementation and maintenance. See the IPS website for more information.

Working relations

The CEN/TC 251 members are from member states standards organisations and also include representatives from a number of related organisations. CEN/TC 251 has established working relationships with:

  1. CENELEC through a Joint Technical Committee on Medical Devices (CEN/CLC JTC 3)
  2. European Trade Association representing the medical imaging, radiotherapy, health ICT and electromedical industries (COCIR)
  3. European Commission and its associated research and deployment projects.

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