CEN/TC 251 Health Informatics

Health informatics standardization is concerned with the principles of information processing, management and governance of information with the provision of solutions for associated problems in the field of health and care. The health informatics sector is made up of a number of very large software producers, with a great many small and medium enterprises operating primarily either in domain niches or in geographic areas. This disparate global market is reflected within the CEN member states and presents a challenge. It stifles the free flow of knowledge of and experience in the health informatics industry, thus presenting health care organizations with mounting costs and health informatics vendors with limited potential for growth, As a consequence, it makes the work of CEN/TC 251 that much harder, both in terms of standardization and of communication about standards.

CEN/TC 251 delivers and maintains health informatics standards for Europe, preferably by producing them in co-operation with other SDOs at a global level and by adopting standards from other SDOs. CEN/TC 251 will seek to further increase engagement with other standards development organizations, consortia and fora to enhance efforts to coordinate its work with other organizations that have similar goals, such that stakeholder wishes for fewer, but more universal, global standards for health informatics are recognized and delivered in Europe.



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