Start project Trillium II

On January 1, 2017 a new project, TRILLIUM II, kicked-of. NEN (representing CEN/TC 251 ‘Health informatics’) is one of the 25 partners from Europe and US.

TRILLIUM II is a EU/US Cooperation for Global Interoperability in Digital Health and is advancing an International Patient Summary standard to enable people to access and share their health information for emergency or unplanned care anywhere and as needed starting with immunizations, allergies, medications, clinical  problems, past operations and implants.

NEN/CEN/TC 251 leads WP5 ‘EU/US eHealth Interoperability Roadmap, Open innovation and International Patient Summary Standards Governance’.


The specific objectives of this WP are:

  • contribute to a governance framework and processes for ensuring effective and efficient use and maintenance of patient summary specifications, in conjunction with the Joint Initiative Council (JIC) for global SDO health informatics standardization;
  • develop principles for deployment, incremental refinement and broad adoption of IPS and inform updates to the EU/US roadmap;
  • inform the revision of European Patient Summary and other relevant Guidelines Promote consensus and quality assured mappings of information structures and their value sets;
  • deliver feedback from implementation to SDOs from validation of information content structures and associated value sets to improve standards as needed.

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