International Patient Summary (IPS) project

International Patient Summary (IPS) project

Aim of the Project: To participate in the creation of an International Patient Summary specification, at a global level, and turn this European knowledge and interests into a European Standard, in line with the Guidelines adopted by the European eHealth Network (eHN).

Formal Deliverables:

The project team (PT) comprises the following experts:

  1. Stephen Kay, project leader
  2. Shirin Golyardi, PT-administrator
  3. Karima Bourquard, PT-member
  4. Giorgio Cangioli, PT-member
  5. Vincent van Pelt, PT-member



This proposal, approved in December 2015, addressed the 2015 Rolling Plan on ICT standardization and in particular the work of the Joint Action Supporting the eHN.

This proposal builds upon and formalises the revised Patient Summary (PS) dataset that was initially proposed by the eHN in 2013; its second revision was then officially adopted by the eHN in November 2016.

The Multi-annual Work Plan (2015-2018) of the eHealth Network identifies both the work on the cross-border exchange of PS data and the alignment of standardization activities in eHealth as key priority areas. The European eHealth Digital Services Infrastructure (eHDSI) was also tasked with a deployment project across member states using the eHN PS guidelines as part of their work. With this in mind the CEN proposal looked to national, regional and international work in PS to produce consistent, implementable Patient Summary standards.

The wider international context, the EU-US collaboration in particular, was taken into account by this proposal. There was some existing work in this area by HL7, called the INTERPAS project and, concurrently, the Joint Initiative Council on Global Health Informatics Standardization (JIC) proposed an informative guideline, cataloguing a set of implementable standards for the exchange of a Patient Summary in 2015; this was published in 2017.

CEN TC 251 worked together with the Horizon 2020 PHC34 CSA projects, particularly Trillium Bridge and eStandards, and these provided support for the Internationalisation of Patient Summary standards. The Trillium II project, also promoted the IPS work, and was instrumental in bringing together two of its participating SDOs, HL7 International and CEN/TC251, to agree a common mission and scope for an International Patient Summary in April 2017.

This very successful collaboration became known as the IPS Project, and the two partners known as CEN IPS and HL7 IPS respectively. A new European eHAction roadmap (2018-2020) seeks to leverage the work of the IPS Project going forward so as to support the eHDSI initiative.


IPS Dissemination        

Dissemination has been an on-going part of the IPS Project from its inception, where the CEN and HL7 teams have presented, written and explained what the IPS is, what it can do, and why it is so important.

For IPS to have the intended impact, its story as well as the standards must address multiple audiences, as only a relative few will actually read the specifications.

One attempt to capture the story-line, and thereby ensure the compelling arguments and rationale are not lost, is the CEN IPS Prezi, a presentation which is intended to complement rather than duplicate the IPS standards.  Once the Prezi is launched, please click the ‘readme’ section to get the most from the presentation.  The URL is:

Future changes

Throughout the project to develop the 2 IPS standards, some of the comments made will be considered for the next iteration of both standards, please see:

  1. An overview of the proposed changes for EN 17269
  2. An overview of the proposed changes for CEN/TS 17288

Final CEN IPS  Workshop report 

IPS presentations final meeting 2019-03-19:

Presentation Karima Bourquard
Presentation Vincent van Pelt
Presentation Georgio Cangioli

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